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Mod DLL 2.8 fixes playback, but files still load slowly and can crash player.

@DJ Egg:

Thanks for the updated MOD_DLL v.2.8. It fixed the playback problems that I also experienced with S3M, MOD & XM files. However, the metadata for certain file types tends to load very slowly (when viewed in the playlist editor) and may cause the player to crash:

.XM (Fasttracker 2 Module) loads slowly, causes player to jam while queuing multiple files, ultimately crashing;

.IT (Impulsetracker Module) loads slightly faster than the .XM;

.MOD (Protracker Module) loads really fast, no problems;

.S3M (Screamtracker 3 Module) loads really fast, no problems.

The current workaround to is to add no more than four (4x) .XM or .IT files at each time.