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Winamp 5.57 (present in earlier versions as well)
Skin: all
OS: Win 7, US version
Plugin: pmp_usb.dll (? - whatever affects/controls syncing to portables I'd imagine)

Believed to be same issue as langdon reported earlier in the thread here:

Bug: Winamp sync to portable players fails to sync properly when id3 tags (filenames?) containing certain characters are used. It's not limited however to the "bad" files from what I can tell, instead corrupting almost the entire sync process; files that already exist in both the source and destination are viewed as not in sync (bi-directionally) and overwritten if sync is carried out. Problem reoccurs every time a subsequent sync is performed after the initial sync.

I've tried removing any music files/folders, winamp_cache* and pmp_usb.ini files on the portable side, and doing a fresh reinstall of Winamp (uninstalled Winamp, removed application directory as well as %appdata%/Winamp, reinstall Winamp), none of which seems to remedy the problem after the initial sync.

Does not seem to matter if I'm asking Winamp to create directories based on tags or just dump files into one pre-existing directory on the destination device. Have tried syncing using either a specific playlist or "rating > 3" type logic.

This issue has been reported in various forms before. Is anything being done to attempt to solve this problem of specific/special characters causing these problems w/synchronization?

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