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Modern skin (re)drawing issues

Winamp 5.571
No third-party plugins, but a few third-party skins.
Language pack: Default English
Skins tested: Studiosus, Rectangular. Wanted to try with Modern Skin beatvis thingie, but didn't remember how to change the default vis into that.

OS: Windows XP SP3 almost fully up to date
Locale: Dutch
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: ATI Radeon 9000 AGP Pro (ALL-IN-WONDER 9000)
Sound: M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496
DirectX 9.0c

Problem (gen_ff I assume)
I updated to 5.571 today, after I saw this in the changelog:
* Improved: VU meter (beat vis) optimizations

Now, I have the idea that that has to do with an issue I am encountering in modern skins of mine that use a scripted VU meter. That means not the standard <vis/> object, which appears to be unaffected.
Anyway, the problem is that when doing something with a VU meter or a button near it, its own or an adjacent window gets a solid rectangular chunk of 'color' over it. When you move the mouse off and again over the window, it disappears. It's a bit hard to explain.

I just noticed that the fading notifier causes it too, over the buttons on the bottom of the playlist editor. The fading notifier of the Winamp Modern skin does not cause it over its playlist editor. Furthermore, opening then closing of the EQ (of the Studiosus skin) causes it as well to the main window.
It's nothing to serious because there's no crashing etc. involved and it goes away when you move the cursor over it, but it is definitely ugly and it is new. See attached screenshot.

Skins: downloadable via my signature, but they're not the version I use because I gave up updating them on the main website. These two links point to the most up to date versions (little has changed though):

I hope this is enough information.

Edit: On second thought, could the heavy use of <rect/> objects (instead of images) have anything to do with this? Rectangular and Studiosus both make heavy use of them, while AudioRack (see sig) does not show the problem but does have a scripted VU. The main window of Rectangular is severely 'wounded' by this issue, as a solid colored box continuously flashes over the bitrate indicator.

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