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Nullsoft Module Decoder (in_mod.dll) title bug

This has been persistent for years (since release of 5.0), and it does not help reverting the plugin to a version from 2.x.

When you start playing a module, the title everywhere (taskbar, title box, playlist window) displays strange symbols, one single or multiple. When you right click on a track entry and select info, the title will fix itself, but only from the playlist window, not in the taskbar or title box. When the module ends playing and replays (repeat), the bug in the playlist will return.

Furthermore, the current version of the decoder (2.82) and some versions below it are playing hidden note sets of some modules, most significantly this one - (pocket.IT). The track length extends from supposedly 2:33 to 3:19.

Finally, module decoder versions from Winamp 5.0 and above display a different number in the bitrate box rather than the usage of sound channels in the playing module.


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