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1. adblock plus, self explanatory.
Get everyone to use adblock today, tomorrow the internet would be useless. Might as well turn it off.

2. it's more relevant because you can more easily pick shows you're interested in.
3. you can watch those shows you're interested in whenever you like, without TIVO.
4. youtube has the superbowl ads.
5. sites like
6. it brought conan o'brien's career back from the dead.
7. it's never pre-empted by our idiot in chief.
8. viral videos, humorous or otherwise.
9. you can catch shows like Penn & Teller's Bullshit, without paying for extra channels.
And the more you block ads, the less likely any of this will continue.

Get 100% adoption of adblock and watch the web crumble into nothing. No ads. No Hulu. No Youtube. No viral videos. No gmail. No Google voice. No twitter. No Facebook. No Penn and Teller. No Conan. No content.

Adblock takes about 35% of the income on my webs away. I could be drinking good coffee this morning instead of this fucking grocery outlet shit.

Adblock. Either you don't understand or you're an asshole.

And the guys at Mozilla can blow me too...

Privacy? Likely you put your life story on your facebook page.

Want to save a lot of trouble? Don't use Facebook.

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