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no, probably I didn't point it out clearly enough. I'm talking about a Multi-TouchSCREEN. The Laptop also has a TouchPAD, which uses two finger to scroll and which works perfectly with winamp by the way.

Normaly it is recorgnized when I use touchscreen with the finger and programs behave differently as if I use a mouse or the touchpad. e.g. browser, word, explorer, pdf-reader (winamps library),... scroll instead of marking text.

The thing is, when I flip the screen there is no touchpad to use anymore. Ergo no practiable way to scroll within the playlist.

What DrO says, sounds consistent. The other parts of winamp behave as most other programs on Windows 7. It appears to be some sort of Microsoft-standard to which the playlist is not compatible due to its "custom control".

question are: is there a hidden button to fix this (in Opera there was one)? Or can I hope for another solution (in a new release maybe..)? And how have other people solved this, who use winamp in their touchscreen-based car-PC for example?

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