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To burn CDs, your WAV files need to be 16-bit, in stereo, and with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz. The above instructions will work for most MP3s, but if your MP3s (or other source audio files) aren't in stereo and 44.1 kHz, you'll need to follow the venerable Reverend Ike's instructions in this post or my own in the next to end up with CD-quality WAV files that you can burn.

The following is compliments of Reverend Ike:

You can change the attributes of a Wav file using the Sound Recorder program that is usually included with Windows. The program is normally found at: Start button > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder.

First, convert your mono Mp3 files to mono Wav files. I assume you know how to do this using Winamp. (If not, post a reply).

Next, open Sound Recorder and, in the Sound Recorder menu, select File > Open. This will give you a pop-up window: navigate and select a mono Wav file to convert, and then click the "Open" button.

In the Sound Recorder menu, select File > Save As. At the bottom of the window that appears, you will see the attributes of your mono Wav file. Click the "Change" button.

In the next window that appears, you will see three drop-down menus: "Name", "Format", and "Attributes". In the "Name" menu, select "CD Quality". The "Attributes" entry should then automatically change to:

44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo ... 172 KB/s

In the "Format" menu, select "PCM".

Click the "OK" button. Then, click the "Save" button, and when the dialog box asks if you want to overwrite your mono Wav file, click the "OK" button.

Repeat the process for each mono Wav file.

By the way, the above process is also used if you are attempting to make an Audio CD using Mp3s that are stereo, but were recorded at 48,000 Hz or 32,000 Hz, etc.

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