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Many have wondered why IE 5.5 always ask if you want to save or open a PLS file on shoutcast. Well I don't know why, but Highway 420 found how to fix it:
Highway 420

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Pain in the ass, isn't it? This is a documented problem with IE 5.5. There is a way around it (at least it worked for me). Try these steps:

1) Open Winamp and go to preferences (CTRL+P). Under "File types" uncheck the box next to "Register types on Winamp start". Then go to "Agent" and uncheck "Enable Winamp Agent" and "Maintain File Associations".

2) Go to "My Computer" on your desktop, then go to View/Folder Options. Scroll down until you find "Winamp Playlist File", then edit that so it becomes audio/mpeg (it's probably set at audio/mpegurl, just delete the url part and save).

That should take care of the problem. Some have had to do this over and over again, and hopefully Microshaft will fix this problem with an update one of these days.
Thanks Highway 420.

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