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WinAmp can't get proper associaciations

Today I got a really annoying problem with WinAmp. So, I'm using WinAmp for quite long time, and it's pretty much a clean install, no additional plug-ins. The problem is, that since today when I double click an audio file associated with WinAmp (.MP3/.FLAC/.AC3/.AAC) it tells me that the file isn't associated with any app and sends me to search the web for program to open the file. The file has WinAmp icon. So, I tried re-assiciating - didn't helped. Removed associations and set them again with restarts after each operation - didn't help. Removed associations and set them from "Default Programs" from Windows - didn't help. Re-installed WinAmp - didn't help. Uninstalled WinAmp and installed it again - didn't help. Associated it to WinAmp manually worked but it appears as not associated to WinAmp in Preferences and Default Program, when I associated it through WinAmp again couldn't open it - didn't help. Deleted the registry entry for .MP3 and re-associated it to WinAmp - didn't help. Associated to another program and back to WinAmp - didn't help.
The file appears with WinAmp icon, is shown as associated to WinAmp in Default Programs and Preferences but when I open the Properties window of a associated file or open WinAmp associations list in Default Programs it's shown as "Open With: Unknown Application".
Any ideas how can I fix this, I really like WinAmp, the only other installed programs that can open such files I have installed are Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (associated to video only) and Microsoft Zune (since I own a Windows Phone 7 device that unf WinAmp can't sync, unlike my old Windows Mobile 6.5 that was using ActiveSync).
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