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Thanks for your reply.

The input audio is coming from the studio board that's also sending the terrestrial signal (which sounds great). Live sets make no difference to the sound quality of the stream - and they vary on source (most are high bit-rate MP3 or lossless/direct source).

So, I was thinking some EQ being enabled somewhere in the chain once the signal comes back to the local machine that handles the DNS-->DNAS. I'm definitely not an expert but the stream itself sounds 'clean' to me.. just the tininess of the sound. But if you are hearing clipping and encoding artifacts, that's good info. to know.

In the signal path chain, where is EQ generally tweaked (shoutcast DNS or before)? Also, can you make these changes on the fly or does it require a restart of DNS and/or the entire system for any of these changes to take effect? This will be good to know when troubleshooting.
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