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Some non-square images as textures with a better quality

Already in Spring 2015 I had the idea to use textures from the subset "logo" in 1280x640 pixel. I made 17 basics with the font Aliens Encounters and 2 basics with the font Segoe Print. Recently I have made 1 more basic with the first font, because I wanted to have 20 basics and not 19.

For my other thread "My work in progress for sprite-friendly textures" I have used again Paint.NET and then IrfanView, but for the 4 images in 1024x1024 pixel I made also the .png-files with white on the black background with Paint.NET, while in the past I continued directly with IrfanView and with .jpg-files. I can give You the link to my other thread:

And when I saw again the content from the textures folder in the slideshow, suddenly I had realized: If I make the edited versions via IrfanView > Image > Effects > Edge Detection from a .png-file and not from a .jpg-file, then the quality becomes much better. The lines are more sharp, not so blurred. I have tested my official sprite-friendly textures so many times, and now I think, with blurred lines it would have looked worse than with the sharp lines.

As random textures in the 185 DLG Presets I can use also my old images (more than 400), and I have created 4 subsets of images, which I have in the textures folder, while I have the old "Merry Christmas Stuff" stored in C > Programs (x86) > Winamp > Plugins > Milkdrop2 > logos.

On 18th December I made the textures on the old way with the 20th basic, 1 day later I took my 20 basics and with Paint.NET I made 20 new .png-files with white on the black background, then I made the edge detection versions with IrfanView, now with the better quality. In December 2015 I had posted 2 older .jpg-files with the font Segoe Print in "The WINAMP FORUM'S CHRISTMAS TREE 2014" by Widdykats, although these are the low quality versions.

The older logos and gif-demos incl. many color edits are available as and in:
You just need to scroll down. I have listed also the dates of my last updates. For the gif-demos I have used Photoscape.

I wanted to publish my .zip-folder with the 40 new textures before XMAS, but suddenly the cold had cought me, or directly the influenza itself, because I got also fever and problems with my circulation. This week I can do only the half of what I wanted to do, but I have taken my last power now, because You should get them. Fortunately today I was able to go to the meeting-point.

@ ravermeister , I think, that's something also for Your collection and archive. I am sure, You will like all my works.

Now I wish You a Happy New Year. I hope, You will like my ideas. Maybe You want to continue with them...
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