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Thank you for your efforts, Sabine, as I am sure others, like myself, appreciate your work, especially under physical duress. Coincidentally, just this very morning, I noticed the onset of the body aches that are the precursor to the dreaded flu. However, I have not had the flu since 1995 and never take flu shots either. This is the SECRET:

homeopathic flu remedy: Oscillococcinum
manufactured by Boiron in France

The trick is to already have some of this remedy on-hand to take as soon as you feel the need arising...and I always keep a blister-pack of three doses in my backpack, which saved me today...although this is not Winamp-related, hopefully, it will be of use to some

Thanks again for sharing your textures, which is one of a few current topics of interest and further exploration within the amazing MilkDrop visualization plugin...and although perhaps not the appropriate thread to ask but I use Kodi (formerly XBMC) and one of my favorite music add-ons is SOMA FM (yep, South of Market Area in San Francisco...home to both SOMA FM internet radio and myself) and this music add-on has both MilkDrop and Milkdrop2 visualizations. However, I was surprised that even though I can configure the setting parameters in MilkDrop, the SOMA FM music add-on says the MilkDrop2 cannot be configured...I am supposing that is just the coder of the music add-on keeping his job a little easier and the music add-on more stabel, right?

Just one more random question, what have you heard is the ultimate display setup for immersing oneself in the bliss of MilkDrop? I have a pretty decent 7.1 Dolby DTS audio setup currently with a 32" 1080p amd a 27" 2550 x 1440 monitors but am considering getting a short-throw 1280 x 800 native resolution 800 lumens LED projector...any thoughts?

Lastly, I noticed you, like myself, are an ambient you have any recommendations of music sources, albums, internet radio, etc?

To answer my own question for you, I'd recommend SOMA FM and the actual ambient-related stations will be apparent but, from memory, "Deep Space One, Space Station SOMA, Drone Zone, Sonic Universe...and Groove Salad, their most popular "one-size-fits-all-weather-all-season" station...I hope you enjoy....oh, and here's a very obscure LP that is one of my all-time faves, The KLF "Chill Out"
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