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Hello jasonedwardkirk,

thank You for Your long reply.

I myself am a multi-artist, and I do also many photoworks, photoedits, artwork. I am not a good preset author, not a good skin author and especially not a plugin author.

Before I forget it, I want to leave my .txt-file with the download-links to my official packs. I myself use more than only my own works.

I myself will need a while, until I will go again outside into parks. The Spring would be very good. My Praktika Pentacon Luxmedia Camera is very disappointing. My Casio Exilim Camera is much better, but our older Medion Camera with the 4 heavy Mignon-Accus is still the best. Although I have at least my own "Railway Stones" / "Nebulas" (the dark edits), I want to have also my own stones at the water and some better surfaces of trees.

I myself have tried only Winamp, Real Player, Windows Media Player and some visualization websites in Firefox & Chrome. Since 2 years I didn't look anymore, if there would be new add-ons for the browsers, but it sounds very interesting what did You write.

I myself have a PC with a monitor in 1920x1200 pixel (do they still offer also replacement monitors with the same pixelsize some day, if it will become necessary?). And I have a notebook with a display in 1600x900 pixel. My PC (Windows Vista) is from 2009, my notebook (Windows 7) is from 2011. And it will be a nightmare for me, if both computers will die some day, because then I will be forced to buy a computer with Windows 10. Unfortunately I have no 7.1 Dolby DTS audio setup and no video-projector and also not enough place at home (I can hope only, that we will not be forced to move into a much smaller apartment some day). I have no experiences with using Milkdrop on a second monitor or with a video-projector. Maybe someone else has experiences with that and can answer Your question.

Maybe You will be interested for my public music-playlists, and here I have some of them:
I suggest, You look also to my 12 favourited Other Channels.

And You can take also a look to the following threads, "A playlist with all Radio Streams and URLs under reconstruction" and "RMO & Streams Down?":
although neralex had complained, that many URLs would be outdated. Again I apologize, that I had no possibility to update my long .m3u-playlist. But of course I know also SOMA FM, and I am sure, You will like the channels Chillkyway and MFSound.

I myself like it, if there are also some other people in the world with the same music-taste...
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