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Thank you for the reply. We learn

I'm also reading
Legacy encoders do not have the Stream ID field. As a result, fill out your password field then add ":#" and your Stream ID (after the password).
Example: abcde:#123456

Output 1, in Summary of the DSP plugin, says that it's Shoucast v1, which I'm led to believe is legacy.

Making me think that means we should NOT use the Stream ID field and should append the password as explained. Though that doesn't work either (and I'm only noting that for the sake of the thread and other support inquiries - the documentation isn't helpful).

Does Output 1 or Output 2 (which appears to be v2) matter? Does the Connect Using Automatic Mode matter?

I think I got it figured out and working, though no idea why, I'm asking the clarifying questions and providing more detail so that the documentation or others searching can find answers.
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