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ZDL famiy : how to restore color editor in Windows 10?


I have 6 Modern Skins (which take the shape of a classic skin) on my laptop running Windows7. On 4 of them (ZDL Analog Studio 523, ZDL Audiophile, ZDL Gold Stack, ZDL Gold Stack Reel-to-Reel), there's a colour editor which allows beautiful colour themes.
HOWEVER, the very same skins, either downloaded or copied with a USB flash drive, appear in Windows 10 WITHOUT the colour editor !!!!! Their basic colour is then metallic silver.

Could anyone explain this mystery and, if possible, give a solution to recover the colour editor in Windows 10 ??
These are very old skins, I know, but I just happen to like them, and although not very user friendly, they decorate a large screen quite well.

Thanks in advance to all who will try to help.
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