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Winamp5.8, Kodi, WASAPI problem

Both Kodi and Winamp spend most of the time loaded, each in its own virtual desktop, on this machine without causing each other any problem. That's changed with 5.8 if Kodi is using WASAPI audio output.

With the new Winamp playing I opened Kodi and Winamp immediately froze and had to be terminated. When reopened with Kodi already loaded Winamp did play, but do anything like pressing a navigation key in Kodi (which would cause it to produce an audible confirmation click) and Winamp freezes again. At some point I got the following error:

Error creating DirectSound buffer
Error Code: 88780096

With that clue I went into Kodi's settings, changed it's output from WASAPI to Directsound and lo and behold the problem disappears! Except this issue didn't exist with 5.666 which had no problem with Kodi or anything else running.

Also the new WASAPI audio output option in Winamp doesn't seem to work for me. I can select it, but when I play a track I either get an error box with:

client -> initialize: 8889000a

or the track plays in silence.

Although it's running Windows 10 this is an old machine, so that may be a part of it. Also 5.8 was installed over the top of 5.666 Pro if that's relevant.
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