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Winamp with ShoutCast DSP


I have my laptop Dell 6520 with 1 single jack for mic and headset/speakers external

I have winamp and shoutcast in my pc and use it for my internet oldies radio station live broadcast with a 15 second delay using Rcast.
All works great for last 5 years no problems.

Well i would like to use my Dell laptop i have winamp 5.666 with shoutcast dsp and i can broad cast on the net no problem great audio 128bit with unlimited listeners.

Problem is I cant get the mic to work selecting winamp for sound card.
If i select sound car in winamp the the audio gets distorted but I can get the mic to work but not both.

I switch back to winamp great audio but no mic input to go out over the air or talk over the music.

Has anyone ever got this fixed or is there a plugin to add a mic using winamp selection?

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