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Dragging mp3s from one list to another

I am in my playlists, and from one list to another there is a song that i want to copy, instead of going tru my folders which is a great hassle, i want to copy a song by dragging it from one playlist to another, this was possible in earlier versions, is there a bug or was this function removed?

Im using 5.63 (x86) on W7 x64

I have tons of mp3 folders in my pc so going through them manually when i want to have the same song in different playlists is seriously demanding me to go insane , and obviously frustrating

Same goes for using "send to" since i have over 30 lists, so navigating with that option is seriously anoying. I need to be able to do what i could a few versions ago... draging a song from one playlist to another.

But mostly i need to understand why this is happening, bug? feature removed? what im thinking is; do i need to download a plugin because they removed the feature or can i wait for a new version to fix the bug?

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