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Crazy that there is zero response after 2 years. I would gladly pay good money for a windows app that would sync to my Samsung S3 and the "8 second pause for every track you sync with album art feature" makes it literally impossible to load my new phone. Even with the microSD card out of the phone and in the reader of my laptop.

Anyway, I couldn't find another app that would do what I needed so I emptied my Recycle Bin, searched my music folder for *.jpg files, and deleted the 3,600 it found. Then I sync'd about 30 GB of music using my good old Winamp in a reasonable amount of time and went back to the Recycle Bin and "restored" everything so the art is back.

I'm running gonemad on my phone (happy to pay for stuff that works) and it grabs album art so fast it doesn't matter at all that I couldn't sync the pics, was just a huge pain..

A million thanks for the users above who figured out it is the album art!!!! I'd would have smashed my computer by now!
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