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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
This thread has been viewed almost 4 million times since it started last January. Must be a record.

There is no need to close/lock it, imo. The site's mods have added, and will continue to add, important info related to Winamp's status to either or both of the first 2 posts in this thread.
It was this specific thread that made me remove my now playing sig. During Feb/Mar 2014, 90% of the hits to my site was from this thread:

941724 Hits 91.52% 3410149 Bytes 55.94% /winamp/playing.gif

The total hits to my domain went up 10 times more than avg. The main reason being that no-cache headers were being sent with it. Anyway, 95% of the views are probably search engines and bots and not real people.
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