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what would it take?

What would it take, how many pleadings do you need to launch a beta version like you have it now, without the extra s*cheet most people don't use anyway.

Please make a poll if you think people would rather wait for the kind of stuff
In my opinion, we would be much better served by android and ios apps with novel implementations such as support for cross-feed dsp for example.

Or at least say something, for crying out loud, all this wait and no feed-back..
If it's bad, give us the bad news, just don't keep us waiting like this.. FOR YEARS, it's becoming really really annoying and all the love we had for winamp could not make up for all this nothing.

Here's another ideea, make a special group for beta testers, for people like us that would rather have it like it's now than wait another minute. WE WILL HELP!
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