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Windows 10 Scalability


I've used Winamp for 20 years plus and think it is great, so thanks to the dev team.

Since moving to Windows 10 it would be good to take advantage of the scalability feature, as I like to use my screen on max resolution (3840 x 2160 for example), and then use the advanced scaling setting to get the best size for the windows apps. Unfortunately Winamp doesn't scale up in line with the windows settings and stays very small.
Changing the size manually doesn't allow the box in the right corner to have more than 3 lines. I use the Big Bento skin, and the font size of the tracklisting in the history is ideal, but the font size in the top left corner and top middle boxes are miniscule.
Is there anyway to change these sizes?
Is any work being done on this at the moment?

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