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A 20 second buffer for a half second end of song fade! That's 10 times larger than the default; I assume you are aware of the pros and cons when using large buffers.

Sounds like you may have excessive amounts of silence at the end and/or beginning of your files. I mostly still use mp3s and use "mp3Trim" ( to remove most (or all) of the beginning/ending silence from mp3s I don't make myself (during my vetting processing). I use other apps/utilities (e.g. Audacity, Sound Editor Deluxe, etc.) to clip the beginning/ending silence from wav files before converting them to non-mp3 file formats. This lets me avoid silence issues during gapless playback and when crossfading.

I have the mp3Trim Pro version to take advantage of it's other features, but I think the free version allows batch processing for removing silence. If you try this, use file copies until you get the silence detection and removal options set up correctly for your needs. You can also use mp3Trim to add silence, if that is needed for certain situations (e.g. making CDs with less than the standard 2 second gap between songs).

When crossfading with Winamp's DirectSound output plug-in, I set up the main buffer a half second larger than the width of the crossfade and disable silence detection. Over the years, I've put together various playlists that each work well with different amounts of crossfading. This lets me setup the crossfade for a particular playlist before I load it. Trying to change the amount of crossfade 'on-the-fly' has not worked well, for me. When doing live mixing for a party, I use DJ software (which is easier for me than using Winamp's 3rd party cueing support).

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