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Thanks for that. I use Pro version so seems it uses Silence 2 area, same as you.
It's a great tool.
I also use File Renamer 2000 which is not made any more.
And Mp3 Tag Studio 3 also not made any more. They all work like a dream.

Even with the buffer as large as it is, it is still much more responsive than sqr. But not as accurate. But I also hear quite a difference in sound as I think sqr uses some sort of sound engine...
From the About Box of sqr...

I made this module because I needed a configurable cross-fade, so here it is!
The sound playback engine is grabbed from the MX-Pro Digital Mixer, a cool mixing player that I'm developing, and has a few changes to make it work with Winamp.
The cross-fading engine is not that fast, but it´s the faster I get.
If you'd like to use this module for another player that supports output plug-ins, please send your requests, the source code is not available in this version, sorry :-(
This Module is dedicated to Cecilia, and all my friends.
There is a Spanish language version of this module, si lo quieres bajalo de mi página web!

Cheers, Pete

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