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WinampRING - Turn down the volume when the phone rings

I thought I'd let the general community know I've revived an old plugin I originally wrote back in 2004, but recently updated. Since we can't access the plugin library on any more, and since I wanted to store the source code somewhere, I took the opportunity to learn how to use GitHub.

Take a look here if you're interested:

I originally wrote it to listen for a ring from any old modem. But since I recently upgraded my home phone to an IP phone, that no longer worked. So I modified it to listen on the network for a SIP INVITE from my VoIP provider.

If you find it useful, let me know.

I'm willing to provide some support for getting the SIP feature working with your VoIP provider, if anyone needs it. But I can't guarantee anything. I did only enough to make it work with my provider. You need a VoIP provider that allows some special configuration.

But if you have VoIP and use an ATA to plug in a normal phone, you can still use a modem with it.

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