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Hi 1winamp11481,

Each playlist file saves the location of the songs. If all you did was move the folders to the flashdrive keeping the folder structure intact, then the only thing that needs changing is the first letter in each line (in the playlist file) that represents the drive. For example "C:\" for the hard drive needs to be changed to "D:\" for the flashdrive.

In that case you can use the find and replace function in Notepad (or any text editor) to 'fix'
your old playlist files. Be sure to use at least 2 characters in the find and replace strings, so that you only change the drive letter. For example, you don't want to change all "C" characters to "D" characters, only the "C:" to "D:".

If you only moved the songs, then the folder structure is different and the simplest thing is to make new playlists.

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