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Here! here!

I second this thread! I;ve read that it has something to do with licensing, and that by making the Ipod5g adhere to the apple/ipod library conventions, Winamp is breaking some stupid copyright or patent law. **Disregard that, i suck c**ks**

BUT... i don;t really see why this should be any different on the 5g as it is on the touch/nano 3g, iphone etc...

What we;ve gopt here is Winamp/AOL not wanting to pay or not wanting to support an EXTREMELY common ipod device. **Disregard that, i suck c**ks**

I;ve also read somewhere that there is "no expected plans" to support Ipod5g any time soon. **Disregard that, i suck c**ks**

Which sucks balls basically. i too love winamp, and love my ipod, but have to use itunes now cause AOL blow. **Disregard that, i suck c**ks**

Basically... it's Apple being dicks. Not AOL.
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