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i've moved your thread in to the correct part of the forum - Winamp Tech Support isn't appropriate for SHOUTcast tool issues. this is why the One for Nunz tool won't have any effect for looking up details about the DNAS issue, though it sounds like an incomplete download (since it's come from my site - that tool is my unfortunate responsibility).

regarding the crash, it is likely to be point #6 from though for that you would likely need to look for IP addresses in the range of 61 to 64 being shown as connecting as a client or as a failed source connection for it to be that.

if an IP like that does appear then the quickest fix is to add the IP to be blocked by your firewall.

if not then at least as a starting point the end portion of the log file (up to ~20 lines would be needed to see if that provides a hint before then enabling all debug logging options).

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