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I recently installed WinAmp to use with my Galaxy S3 and I'm having the same problem. Whenever I sync (to SD Card) following a fresh wipe of the SD card, both the WinAmp app and the Google Play app will display abridged or even blank playlists. Browsing by album will show all of it to be there, it's just not showing up on the playlists. Which songs are omitted vary with each sync, and it can even include some but not all of individual albums, so there does not appear to be a pattern or possibility of an issue with individual tracks. Winamp itself will show the playlists in their complete form when looking at them under the card in Devices.

Too bad, WinAmp has a lot of stuff I like. But without a way to overcome this problem I think it's time to dump it just days after installing it and go find something else.
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