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Originally Posted by tamia5g View Post
Of course if someone wants directly to grant me access to their works of art to be (maybe) used in this project... that would be cool!
I would be honored if you used Acid Manda v3c in your project . I should be releasing v3c shortly after making this post .

Most people seem to pass by my preset though, or at least it isn't very popular. I'm not sure why other than people are getting tired of the series it just doesn't make the cut for some reason. The Star Forge series has been out and in development for about two years now, and I can definitely see that a lot of my earlier work leaves one wanting, so hopefully after all this time I have something to show for it in the latest Acid Mandala release. I think at the least it reacts to the energy of the music like no other preset, so its fun to watch and look almost totally different among various pieces of music.

Cheers and good luck with your project .

Edit: Oh my lucky stars, this time my post with the preset won't be visible until tomorrow because its in the moderation queue . There seems to be no rhyme or reason to why this sometimes happens and other times the post (yes, with an attachment) goes right through. What do I do for the special attention?

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