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When I first had a peak at the preset code, it brought back memories of my days in the Clipper programmer's community where we shared ideas via bulletin boards (pre-Internet) and traveled to user group trade shows - commicon for business code programmers.

Milkdrop presets have always been regular text files and looking at them usually gives me a headache and a reminder why I stopped writing code almost 20 years ago. As a fellow ex-programmer, I highly respect those few individuals who broke the artistic MilkDrop ice and mastered the control mechanism of a brilliant plug-in that came with a free music player and they did it all without the expectation of money or fame. Some people would call that dumb brilliance. I call it music loving programmer/artists who had great curiosity and a desire to conquer a language that brought together two of their burning interests, music and computer programming.

Giving them a thank you in the credits of a video is the least we can do.
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