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..well.. I understand every post in this thread and I share your pain Rovastar.
What I want to say is that I am most thankful to all the preset writers. I do not have time to write a preset.. it would take some time to understand the rest of the code (I know the basic things already), like the complex per-pixel (frame) part in Unchaineds presets.
Some day I will find time to write my own presets.. just wait and see.

We have to make sure that every people we know get Milkdrop. I installed Milkdrop on many of my friends computer, I arrange partys where Milkdrop is running, advertising for Milkdrop on my homepage (ok, weak point) and I tell everyone I know about Milkdrop.

So, I am not writing presets yet, but I do my part for Milkdrop.
Long live Milkdrop, I love Milkdrop!


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