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I can confirm that the 'always on top' function is ignored if one would use the alt + tab combination; restoring always on top functionality is back after disabling (ctrl+a) and enabling (ctrl+a) it.

Here, the windows+tab does not let the always on top function to be ignored. Although this is not Vista, but XP.

My 'disable with other full screen apps' option is enabled.

For me it seems independent from the program I use that winamp ignores the always on top function. Furthermore I cannot confirm that the bug depends on the skin (Bento, Bento large, Modern and Classic), they all have the same issue.

I think the issue is cause in the option not to show up in the taskbar, but in the systemtray. Or at least has partially to do with it. If taskbar is enabled, the windows+d goes and ignores the always on top. Letting winamp re-appear (wether by taskbar, alt+tab or system tray). The only difference is that showing with the systemtray does not re-set the always on top.

The rest (randomly disapearing winamp) seems to be an other bug.

I am on:
Windows XP Professional
Winamp 5.52 Bento.
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