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This method may resolve the situation as it has for others with similar problems.

You need to set up a Shoutcast locally on the same PC/Server that your Winamp DSP runs on. Reconfigure Winamp to feed your local Shoutcast server then configure your remote Shoutcast server to relay your local one. I am assuming you do not host a Shoutcast locally, from your post.

A quick diagram

Winamp -> Shoutcast <---Remote Shoutcast Relay Local Shoutcast

You will more than likely need to do some port forwarding on your local router/firewall so that the remote Shoutcast can relay, but then your Winamp should not freeze due to network issues as it does not actually transmit beyond the local interface. If you do have DSL issues then the remote Shoutcast will drop the connection and reconnect when possible.


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