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DSP Flicker

Is anybody else seeing this? The flicker doesn't just affect any window any DSP opens up but also the audio the DSP is modifying.

This bug is really annoying, especially when you're running a SHOUTcast station using the official SHOUTcast DSP. Whenever it gets flickered the main window either goes completely blank or crashes Winamp altogether. On sensitive DSPs this bug is much worse. I think this is a core bug (not specifically cause by any individual plugin) because I see this whether or not I install the Lite version of Winamp with as minimal install as possible or the full (stark raving mad 100% default just-mash-the-next-button) install.

I am completely surprised nobody else has mentioned this. Others might not think this is a bug but I most certainly do. It causes me many headaches when I'm switching DSPs around or if I'm trying to debug my own DSP, or if I just plain forgot to deselect "DSP/Effect" in the Preferences window before closing it.

I did a complete clean install according to the troubleshooters guide to the letter! Even though it's probably not necessary, I am also including the information requested by the "How to write a useful bug report" thread, also to the letter (I think.) I've seen Winamp do this on every computer I have access to (all are Windows XP, except for my Linux server which I run Winamp under Wine on and it too has the exact same bug.)

Now that I've completed this procedure I will again wipe my Winamp install, and wipe my computer of all that annoying CRAP that came with the default install of Winamp and revert to my sane installation. lol I ain't doin' that crap again!

Please comment.
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