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Pelase, Can somebody help me.

I download winamp server version build
I can easily broadcast to key 1 and listen without problems
from: <ip>:8001/live.mp3

But all problem starts when I try to setup this radiostation to be public.

- Ordered the broadcast licesense key succesfully.

2. I dont know how I can add station from the site ?

3. I try to put config:
streamauthhash=3A8Y3-XXXXX-YYYYY-XXXXX <unlock code?>

- What I can use to be "streamauthhash" value and where do I get the value ?
- Where I need unlock code ?

This is errors that i get:
2011-08-28 20:21:57 E msg:[YP2] /yp/resp/updatefreq missing
2011-08-28 20:21:57 E msg:[YP2] Connection attempt failed. YP2 error code is 470 (Invalid authorization hash)
2011-08-28 20:21:57 D msg:[YP2] pvt_update add still pending for key=1 [3] [84]
2011-08-28 20:22:56 D msg:[YP2] pvt_add add for key=1 [85]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<yp version="2">
<cmd op="add" seq="1">
<source>Legacy / Unknown</source>

ps. Note , I broadcast succesfully with publicserver=never setting.
But I really would like to setup this to be public.

Thank you,
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