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Somethin weird with legacy working sc_trans2 METADATA


As usual we have a strange problem this time with new Transcoder.

Namely, the case breaks out about the DJ Suuport and Metadata

Our transcoder are working at legacy mode. to connect to the DNAS server in an earlier version v1.x

We must use the server software in the first version because of the not quite stable work of the latest version DNAS2.

The problem with this.

Transcoder connected to the server correctly sends the names of songs [METADATA] only when playing mp3 from disk server.

When to the transcoder will connect any of our presenters problem appears.

Look at Transcoder logs to see how it appears in log

2011-09-14 01:39:24 I msg:[STREAM] 306154020 Host server gave success (OK2)
2011-09-14 01:39:24 I msg:[STREAM] 306154020 Stream to established
2011-09-14 01:39:24 I msg:[STREAM] 306154020 Sending stream information
2011-09-14 01:39:26 I msg:[SHOUTCASTMETADATA] Metadata string [Drowning Pool - Tear Away]
2011-09-14 01:39:26 I msg:[SHOUTCASTMETADATA] Sending metadata
2011-09-14 01:41:06 I msg:[DJMGR] No DJ currently active. Run permission granted for `zielarz'
2011-09-14 01:41:06 I msg:[DJPROTOCOLSHOUTCAST] Connected
2011-09-14 01:41:07 I msg:[BROADCASTSTALLMANAGER] Timed content set to TRUE
2011-09-14 01:41:19 I msg:[TITLEUPDATE] Receiving DJ metadata "Bad Religion - Flat Earth Society"
2011-09-14 01:41:19 I msg:[TITLEUPDATE] Relaying DJ metadata
2011-09-14 01:41:24 I msg:[SHOUTCASTMETADATA] Metadata string [Bad Religion - Flat Earth Society]
2011-09-14 01:41:24 I msg:[SHOUTCASTMETADATA] Sending metadata
2011-09-14 01:42:08 E msg:[DJPROTOCOLSHOUTCAST] Source dropped connection. Disconnecting.
2011-09-14 01:42:08 I msg:[DJMGR] DJ `zielarz' is done.
As you can see everything looks good.

But the truth is that the song "Drowning Pool - Tear Away" is displayed in the Current Song correctly.

And in the case of "Bad Religion - Flat Earth Society" in Current Song obtain only one word: "Bad".

As you noticed the only difference between the logs look for "Drowning Pool" and "Bad Religion" and is the second song that is played by DJ.

This applies to every song played through the DJ

Let me give some examples of what the names are supplied to the server, and which appear

"Bon Jovi - somesong" result: "Bon"
"Disturbed - somesong" result: "Disturbed"

There is something wrong with the spaces in the metadata transmitted when the DJ operation.

I have no idea what is the cause, I am counting on your help

Thank you and best regards!

and the metadata config section of our sc_trans config:

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metadatapattern=%R - %N
displaymetadatapattern=%R[ - ]%N
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