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Hi setaoe,

A reinstall is a quick thing to do that would solve the problem of something having not installed properly. Your issue seems to be more involved than that. You still installed all the Portable Media Player plug-ins. Do you really intend to use them all? Some users have reported problems with various ones. The devil is in the details and you are not providing enough.

What kind of scan (media library, playlist generation, both)?

What types of media (audio, video, formats)?

When/where during scan did crash occur?

What else can be reported that may help solve the issue? Like, has Winamp ever run successfully on your system? If it did, what else, if anything, changed on your system when Winamp started crashing? And so on.

May be you should look at the threads linked in post #5 again.

You started out in post #6 saying you were having the same problem as the OP (rickly). But you are not. All crashes are not the same. His indicated "Fault Module Name: winamp.exe", your's said "Fault Module Name: StackHash_0a9e".

You need to help us, help you.

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