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Sync "Rating" and "Last Played" from iPod to Winamp

Ok, so I've searched the forums high and low, and if this question has already answered, I apologize in advance.

Winamp 5.65 Pro; iPod 6G Classic 80-gig; and I'm not using ml_ipod plugin.

So there are two issues that are related.

Issue 1:
ml_ipod hasn't been updated in a long time, and now when I use it, it syncs duplicate songs from winamp to my ipod. Therefore, I stopped using ml_ipod and found the native winamp ipod plugin to be quite good, so I purchased the program to support future improvements on something I've been using for 13 years. A small price to pay for such a good program.

Issue 2:
Because I'm not using ml_ipod, my "Ratings" and "Last Played" do not sync from the iPod to Winamp. Is there any way to correct this? I figured with the new versions of Winamp this would be resolved.

I love to rate my music while listening to it on the iPod, but it's kinda a waste of time if those ratings don't get saved. Thanks for any help out there.
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