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Originally Posted by xFaultx View Post
But is there an alternative to the gacenote based playlist generator or something along those lines?
The Gracenote feature works for me, but I also use an abandoned app called "MusicIP Mixer" (link below). Somehow it still works for making playlists based on a 'seed' file. It's web-based features do not work. It takes time to analyze and 'fingerprint' each file. So for large collections, I suggest letting it run overnight or when you are not using your computer for other things. The analyzing process can be stopped and it will pick up from that point when restarted.

There are several options that let you adjust what is included in the generated playlists. Using files with correct metadata (tags) expands what is possible. You can search the forums for discussions on this app.

It is always a good idea to use files that are as error-free as possible. Analyzing files (that you did not make yourself) for errors (which MusicIP Mixer does not do) is time consuming and requires patience. "Mp3val" is faster than "Mp3 Diags", but also less comprehensive. Test a few hundred at a time when you have the time, 'fix' or replace the bad ones.

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