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For the love of god, FINALLY! Got it to work. Heres what I did (I hate when people dont explain what they did to fix it)

1. Make sure you have one consolidated music file. I have 2 music folders, and it would have been MUCH easier if it was all in one. I have to keep them seperate, so it created some issues. Mediamonkey is good for organizing

2. First thing to do is clear your library. You will lose the all your play count w/e. Its unfortunate, but its a must to fix this

3. Begin adding folders to your library, small amounts at a time. I'd suggest ~300 at a time. The reason you are doing it at a small amount is to try to identify the problem files.

4. Then go to settings --> plugins --> Media library --> Nullsoft Playlist Generator --> Configure. If its the first time doing it, erase your DB. Otherwise, select scan.

5. After each successful file set, close Winamp. Then go under the following directory (may be different on 32 vs 64 bit): C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\Plugins\Gracenote and copy all of the files, and paste it into a seperate folder. This is a backup of all the successful scans you have done, so when it fails, you don't need to rescan all the clean files. You must do this everytime, or you will regret it!!!

6. Keep repeating this process, adding files, scanning, then exiting; until you run into the problem file. You will find the problem file when winamp gives a crash error, BUT DON'T EXIT!!!

7. Move the crash error out of the way, and find where it says how many have been completed on analyzing. For example, lets say its 40 out of 300. Write this down.

8. Exit out of Winamp. Take the backup Gracenote files, and paste them back. The database gets corrupted everytime it runs into an error file, thats why you should make a backup.

9. Open winamp, and scroll through your library to the bottom. Count upwards to find where the problem file should be (this only works if you have been adding them alphabetically by artist name). When you find the file, such as in this example it will be 260 from the bottom, right click and select "remove from library". Also, move the file from your music folder. Then try rescanning. It should process through fine now. If you made an error, it may be that more than 1 file by the same artist is a problem, or that you needed the song 1 higher or lower.

10. As long as you have a successful scan after identifying the problem file, you should be ok to continue with the process of scanning, exiting, backing up, and adding, until you run into more problem files. MORE THAN LIKELY you will have more than 1 problem file. I found them in both my MP3 folder and my protected WMA folder. They just have issues with gracenote.

And after several hours (make sure you put on a good movie while doing this all), you should have a fully scanned library. Im not certain how to fix the corrupted files. They play in winamp, but not with gracenote. Posisbly download different verisions. All of my corrupted files are not all that important, so Im probably not going to waste my time.

Hope this helps!
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