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Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
Good for you! I'm glad you're happy with your results.
You have managed to identify the "problem" files, even without finding out why they are problematic.

I have 2 suggestions:
1. Experiment by scanning your entire library, after removing the "problem" files, to see if the number of files causes problems.
2. Analyse the file names and metadata of the "problem" files to see if there is something common that may cause a problem.
Originally Posted by DrO View Post
to repeat myself yet again, the metadata has nothing to do with the issue. it is purely in the processing of the audio by the Gracenote libraries and is a fault in it, not in the files being processed or the audio they contain when it's been passed to the library. it just isn't a simple thing to fix when needing to use a different SDK from them to re-implement the same functionality.

what xFaultx has done is the only way to get it working by filtering out things. and due to how and where things crash, it's not possible to catch it to prevent Winamp from crashing (as was covered in the other long thread about this same issue).

As indicated by DrO; I dont really think its an issue specifically with the ID tags. I have 2 songs, from the same album, same artist, same coding, same everthing. When scanning them with MP3 diag, they have the same issues. But one file works fine, the other doesnt. Even ones that come up with no issues in the scan, some still have problems. Its something obviously on gracenotes end. In the end, those files werent ones I care to much about, so I am okay with it.
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