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Linux, I mess around with.
I have it installed as a Virtual Machine on my laptop.
I only mess with it, when I want to try something out, or want something new to play with.
(Linux MINT is what I have)

However, with all that stated. I am a Windows guy.
I just ordered all the hardware for a new ASUS Server.
Just got in all the mail notifications for it today. So everything is on its way here.
It will be a "Windows Server"
And I am either going to use Shoutcast, or some other type of Media Server to run on that system.
Linux, in my case, at this stage in the game. Is not an option.
The only way that I would even consider it, is to run a Virtual Machine on the new server, with Linux running on it.

But, this is the issue.
I do not program in PHP, I am a Classic ASP and (VB)
So, that is what I am going to be using to design the backend with, in order to make this media server, do what I need it to do.
Which Is:
To be able to, choose songs from a database.
Add them to the playlist.
And then have the list [Refresh] and obtain the new content, without restarting the station (Playlist).

That is the goal at the moment, plus a lot of other idea's that are floating around in my head.
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