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We've not switched off the old (Java) YP.
We're not blocking stations using DNAS v2.5x or even v2.4.7
We're not trying to force people to use v2.6 (though if you're already using it, make sure it's build 753).
We're not trying to force people to upgrade in order to limit them to mp3 @ 128k

Re: Repeated destdns and destip values

They're really only good for specifying a domain instead of an ip, e.g.
or if the stream is a relay, or if a hosting provider specifically requires it (though you'd only need one of the entries, not both, and better to use destip= and publicip=)


v2.5.5.733 / Linux64

Listing Status: Stream is currently up but unable to access the Directory.

Please confirm you are using the authhash for Melodie FM from the RadioManager.

If using a different authhash, send me it in a PM or use the support ticket system (keep bumping if I don't reply, there's literally hundreds of emails every day, and I'm only human, after all - sorry).
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