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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
reproduced, is something to do with the genre handling it seems (from a quick look at a crash dump).
checked a bit more and is due to there not being any genre and some quirks with just doing 'update' when there hasn't been any edits actually made.
So wondering why ryerman and I didn't have a crash, I just tried it again. I enqueued Juanus' file in the playlist editor, opened it in the Shift+E editor (with the option to update the file tags enabled), clicked Update without changing anything (unpopulated genre tag), and all it did was add the file's existing data to my library and updated the file (and it's modification date) without changing any of it's tags.

But when I tried again to update the file without changing anything, I did get the crash. So when the file was not in the library then no crash (creating the original database record and updating the file tags). After it was in the library then the crash (trying to update the record and the file tags).

Populating the genre tag allows things to work. I was even able to remove the genre tag data without a crash. But trying to update again without a populated genre tag (and no other edits) caused a crash.

Note: Disabling the option to update the file tags will prevent a crash, if you use the Update button to exit the editor containing the library record of a file without a genre tag (when there hasn't been any edits actually made).

Bottom line: When using the Update button in the Shift+E editor for a file already in the library and the option to update the file tags is enabled, then it must have a populated genre tag (when there hasn't been any edits actually made).

It is better to use the Cancel button in both the Shift+E and Alt+3 editors when there hasn't been any edits actually made. Using the OK button in the Alt+3 editor will also cause a file update (rewrite of the same tag data) and a change of the file's modification date, even if no edits have actually been made. Fortunately, the Alt+3 editor doesn't care if a particular tag is populated or not.

As Spock may say, it's fascinating that the Shift+E editor does care. Why couldn't it have been one of the tags that is usually populated. Then the bug may have gone unnoticed.

Note: When trying to update tags of a read-only file with the Alt+3 editor, Winamp will generate a notification that the file is protected. When using the Shift+E editor, Winamp will crash given the conditions discussed above, before it can generate this notification.

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