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Originally Posted by draconox View Post
I have administrator privileges. My notbook works ok. the problem is that sometimes when i drag and drop tracks from windows-explorer to winamp-playlist my mouse has this sing ..(/) prohibited.. But if i want to put music from the same winamp all the tracks goes to the end of the playlist... and i dont want to do that. I want to put in a specific order.

Now... sometimes, i can drop music with zero problems from explorer to playlist... I dont understand that behavior.. and I think, this is a bug... sometimes you can drag music from explorer sometimes you dont..
Are you using the exact same procedure (things you do and the order in which you do them) that works sometimes and sometimes doesn't?

By default, files are added to the end of the Playlist Editor's playlist. If you installed the 'Jump to File Extra' (JTFE) plug-in, then you can select the 'General Preferences - File Types - Shell Options' option to have the files inserted after the currently playing (or selected) file in the playlist instead.

In addition, you can also chose to have the files added to the JTFE Queue instead of the Playlist Editor's playlist. Files can added to the start or end of the queue. Then you can use the JTFE Queue Manager window to further rearrange the files (if you want) and add the files to the Playlist Editor's playlist for playback or play them directly from the JTFE Queue Manager window. If you use the JTFE Queue Manager to play the files, there are several options to control what happens after the files are played (e.g. stop, resume playback in the Playlist Editor's playlist, shutdown, etc.)

The Windows OS controls the listed order of the group of files dragged to Winamp. Many people think this is a Winamp bug, but it's not. You have limited control of this grouping that depends on how the files in the group were selected (the files selected first and last in a consecutive group <Shift + click> and/or the order of files selected separately <Ctrl + click>) and the particular file in the final grouping that is clicked on to drag the group (first, last, or other). Windows Explorer also provides other ways to select files (i.e. draw a 'selection box' around the files or enable the option that puts a selection check-box next to each file). Experiment and note the results. Sometimes you just have to rearrange things after the transfer (e.g. drag within the playlist or queue).

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