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Originally Posted by draconox View Post
What do you think?
As a long time computer user, you know 'the devil is in the details'. I was asking you to provide some. For example, does the drag & drop sometimes not work when you do 1 file at a time or when you do a group of files? When you drag a group, how do you select the group and is the selection method the same when it doesn't work? Are all the files on a local internal drive or a mix of internal and external (or network) drives?

I didn't say the JTFE plug-in was the problem or a problem. I said the plug-in allows for different ways for files to be added to Winamp (the playlist or queue) when you drag & drop, other than them ending up at the bottom of the playlist in the Playlist Editor.

I also tried to explain why when you select and drag files A + B + C as a group, they may end up listed as C + A + B or in some other order.

I'm sorry my reply was confusing (maybe I'm over-complicating things trying to guess what may be causing your issue). I seldom use drag & drop, but it always works when I do. I normally use the right click context menu commands to enqueue or enqueue & play, since this method is faster and eliminates potential drag & drop handling errors. The 'enqueue & play' context menu command is another benefit of the JTFE plug-in. The default context menu commands either let you add to the playlist (enqueue) or replace what's in the playlist with the added files (play).

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