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Displaying Downloaded Podcasts

I used Winamp to download all episodes of about fifteen Podcasts. Winamp correctly downloaded all episodes; I verified this through Windows Explorer. However, I had trouble with Winamp and uninstall/reinstall it.

After reinstalling, and after re-subscriptimg to the podcasts, and after pointing "Watch Folders" to my podcasts folder I expected Winamp to read and display all the files it had downloaded the first time it was installed. But it did not.

For example, the first time I installed Winamp I downloaded twenty-four episodes to C:\Users\Efemmeral\Podcasts\Common Sense with Dan Carlin. After uninstalling and reinstalling Winamp it won't recognize or display any of those files . . . unless I tell Winamp to download them all again.

Can I make Winamp display what it has already downloaded without having to download everything again?
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