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is there not a plugin which will use "random play" rather than shuffle ?
Yes. I quote myself from above...
You can also download/install DrO's Time Restore & Autoplay v1.85 plugin, where you can select to "Randomise Winamp Playlist on Load" (among other nifty features).
Now I quote you again...
winamp will always choose from the same 200 or so tracks... ...All i want is for winamp to select and play a RANDOM song from my playlist without loosing it's alphabetical order.
In that case you would have to use "shuffle" instead of "randomize" and increase the shuffle morph rate, where songs may still be repeated but not as frequently (as I described in my above post), which will play songs very nearly close to the entire length of the playlist as possible (not just the same 200 tracks) - just increase the shuffle morph rate to the max - set slider all the way to the right, then close Winamp and reopen again for changes to take effect (as always, close and reopen Winamp when changing any Preferences for changes to take effect).

But I know of no plugin that will do what is highlighted in bold where I quoted you above. Now, if DrO spots this thread, and then if he is so inclined (and if it's even possible), he may decide to add an option like that to his Time Restore & Autoplay plugin. But DrO has a lot under his belt right now, so I wouldn't really press him on the issue.

Besides, if you properly save your playlist(s) using the List button > Save List option, and save it with a unique identifiable name outside of any Winamp folder/sub-folder, then even if you randomize the playlist (unalphabetically of course, as randomize will do), you can always just reload the saved playlist again (either from the Media Library or from disk), which has already been saved in alphabetical order (in your case - in mine I don't alphabetize).
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