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Hey, Qaxar, howz it been going with you? Long time no see!
Okay, this is the procedure I use in Winamp 5.05 (I have JTFE v0.96ca installed, which fixes this issue)...

1. Load a playlist into Winamp, either with the right-click Play > File method, or from a saved/imported playlist in the Media Library

2. Press "J" for JTFE. Right-click on the "Search Mode (No files are currently enqueued)" button. Select "View Options".

3. That will bring up Preferences > General Prefs > Jump to File > Enqueue List tab

4. Right-click anywhere within the "Enqueue List Management" box. Select "Load playlist into queue". Just make certain that it is the exact playlist/file/location that you first loaded in step 1 above.

5. Once the files are loaded, right-click anywhere within the "Enqueue List Management" box again, and select "Randomise queue". The playlist files within the Playlist Editor will now be randomized (as in my screenshot above).

6. Close the Preferences window and JTFE (optional), and then look at and enjoy listening to your randomized playlist in the Playlist Editor
Darren has "Randomise queue" instead of "Randomize queue" because he's a Brit, but we'll forgive him

Also, Qaxar... why don't you upgrade from 5.04 to 5.05? 5.05 fixes many bugs and security issues, including this major security issue that still exists in 5.04 (also mentioned in more detail here).
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